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A Welcome from Jason Deane

Community Lead, BitcoinHODLers

Learning about Bitcoin seems totally overwhelming when you first encounter it – there seem to be more questions than answers! How do we know? Well, everyone in this group had the very same questions when we started and we now choose to invest a little time to help others get through them.

This is safe, social space hosted on Telegram where no question about Bitcoin is “too daft” to ask – in our experience they’re generally the best ones! 

You’ll also have access to some of the best Bitcoin learning material as well as exclusive Q&A sessions where you can put any Bitcoin question you like to experts. 

Some of our members are very active in the Bitcoin space, right at the cutting edge of education and adoption – you’ll be in good company! 

And if that wasn’t enough, we also run monthly competitions allowing you to win prizes such as tickets to festivals, events run by the Bitcoin Racing Team, VIP access to music events or conferences or even just some Bitcoin to add to your stash. And ALL of this is FREE! (Please note competitions will be on temporary hold from October 2023)


BitcoinHODLers is open to all Bitcoiners based in the UK, from total beginner to complete expert. To join and have access to the monthly FREE competitions, simply click on the button below and get started with our simple five question multiple choice quiz to check your level of Bitcoin knowledge.

Don’t worry about googling the answers, we’ll send them to you at the end along with your personal invite link to the private Telegram group, so click on the button below and we’ll see you in the group!

Don’t forget to say “hi!”


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