Bitcoin Pioneers are here to drive Bitcoin adoption and education in the UK

You can help!

(Update September 2023: After 3 years, we are temporarily suspending Bitcoin payments to BPs while we address the recent FCA changes concerning “financial incentives”. However, all other elements of the community remain in place and fully operational as usual. Please ignore any reference to earning Bitcoin in the following information for the time being)

How do we do this?

By providing access to an invite-only Telegram community which allows people who are new to the space to ask any question they want to experts, find learning materials, join local meetups, and have automatic, recurring entry into fantastic monthly competitions. You can check out the latest competition here. We call this Telegram group the “Bitcoin HODLers”. All are welcome to join this group, but people can only do so via an approved Bitcoin Pioneer (BP).

That’s where you come in.

We only allow entry to the group via Bitcoin Pioneers because that way we can ensure we are reaching people who are Bitcoin curious and new users know what help and support they can expect to get. It also makes sense because our BPs are usually people who are out there talking about Bitcoin in some way or another anyway, even if it’s just one-on-one down the pub! Wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere to send people for more information after that conversation? Now you can do it there and then with your mobile!

Even better, our BPs are actually rewarded for bringing new Bitcoiners into the group where they will find the support and resources they need to continue their journey, thereby increasing adoption across the UK.

All levels of knowledge are welcome – from beginner to advanced user – and you’ll receive Bitcoin for every person you bring into the group, whether they’re a newbie looking for help, or an expert willing to share a few minutes a week helping people with their questions. Bottom line, the more the merrier … and what’s better than being rewarded with Bitcoin for helping build the UK community!?

Anyone who is over the age of 18, resident in the UK and with at least a basic knowledge of Bitcoin, can become a Bitcoin Pioneer and start earning today.

To get set up, please read the FAQ’s below FIRST and then click on the button at the bottom of the page to apply.

Being a Bitcoin Pioneer really is as straightforward as it seems, but there are quite a few common questions that come up time and again so, we’ve put them all together on this page. Of course, if you think of something that isn’t here, just ask!

We are a nationwide network of individuals from all backgrounds, professions and geographic locations across the UK who have one thing in common — a passion for sharing Bitcoin with people. Although we have commercial partners, we’re entirely independent. We are the driving force behind the BitcoinHODLers Telegram group, being both gatekeepers for that group and a source of information for any questions raised by newbies.

The BitcoinHODLers is an invitation only Telegram group that is entirely owned, operated and managed by the Bitcoin Pioneers. It is open to everyone as long as they are resident in the UK, but members must be 18 or over to enter some competitions.

Of course! Almost none of us are full time – or even part time – in the industry. The only thing we have in common is a passion for Bitcoin and a desire to help drive adoption and education across the UK. There are over 200 Bitcoin Pioneers from all across the UK from all backgrounds and ages with a wide variation of professions such as doctors, students, plumbers, taxi drivers, nurses, actors, managers, financial advisors, scientists, lawyers, builders and even racing drivers.

Bitcoin payments for BPs stopped on September 20th 2023 after 3 years of running successfully due to lack of clarity over the FCA’s new regulations concerning financial incentives. This caused a number of exchanges and supporting parties to withdraw support for the community. It is not clear yet when they will return, but we’re hopeful that they will do so in 2024. We’ll keep you updated in the Telegram group!

Technically, anyone, as long as they live in the UK. Ideally, they need to be over 18 to enter some of the competitions, but anyone of any age can join the BitcoinHODLers group if you invite them to do so.

When you apply you’ll be asked if you’d like a personal page like this one or a more anonymous “default” page this one. You can always amend it later if you want, but we’ll build it to your specification and get it live for you, as well as hand holding you through the set up.

Bitcoin is truly global, but the community is UK focused. That means you can’t introduce people who live outside the UK via this community at the moment.

Well you don’t “have” to do anything since this is not a job! As a Bitcoin Pioneer you simply have the ability to invite people to join the BitcoinHODLers group so that they have a “safe place” to ask all the questions that are so important when we first encounter it. We also strongly encourage our BPs to drop in to the Telegram group from time to time, post any interesting links or Bitcoin news and perhaps answer the odd question or two raised by newbies. Of course, like anything, the more active you are, the more you’ll get out of it, both financially and personally.

Of course! We’re both BPs AND HODLers! You are eligible as anyone else you bring into the group to win the monthly prizes and, remember, your monthly entry into those competitions is automatic – like a never expiring lottery ticket – as long as you remain in the HODLers group. 

There is a separate, dedicated Bitcoin Pioneers Telegram group that you will also join where you can keep up to speed with new developments and announcements, plus provide a feedback route for the community as a whole. Many of the improvements we’ve made have come directly from our own BPs.

AS OF SEPTEMBER 2023, ALL BITCOIN PAYMENTS ARE ON HOLD DUE TO NEW FCA REGULATIONS! You will receive £5 in Bitcoin for every person who joins the group via your personal page or QR code that we will provide, build and track for you. There is no upper limit on membership per BP, but do remember that people you invite who leave the group will be deducted from your total. This is an obvious spam control method, but it also encourages BPs to engage with the people they bring in and help them on their journey.

Your invitations are tracked and every week we provide a report in the Telegram group showing your progress, usually on a Friday.

There are often other ways to earn Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Pioneer community and you’ll be offered these opportunities as they are made available. At no time are you obliged to take part in any activity offered – it’s not a job!

When available, that comes from whoever we’re partnering with at the time. As of September 2023, the Bitcoin Pioneers and the BitcoinHODLers are not partnered with any exchange or business.

Whatever you decide! There are never any obligations to deliver any number of invites at any time – or even do any at all! You simply fit being a BP around your day to day activities and spread the word where you can. Some Bitcoin Pioneers routinely do many, some do 1 every six months – with everything in between! Sometimes, existing BPs take breaks for months at a time, then return when they feel like it. Your personal page and QR code is never deactivated once active, so feel free to use it how you wish! At the end of the day it’s what works for you.

Of course! We are merely inviting people to join a Bitcoin focussed community to learn about the asset and help them on their journey. You are welcome to promote to any group you like who you think might be interested.

Of course! That’s why you will also have your own QR code. This is the best approach to use when using offline materials.

We are Bitcoin Pioneers so, naturally, this is all we talk about and the only coin included in our community. Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized commodity while all other coins have owners/leaders, pre-mines and are centralized in some way. This is why they are called “altcoins” (as in “alternative to Bitcoin”) It’s possible some of these speculative assets may have a future, but risks are very high and the future of all altcoins is far less clear than Bitcoin’s. In fact, understanding the difference between Bitcoin and ALL other altcoins is an essential part of being a Bitcoin Pioneer and one of the things we make clear in the HODLers group.

Don’t be! This is about as informal and light hearted as it can be – it is NOT an interview! We just want to get to know you a little and help you hit the ground running when you join us. As long as you have read all of the FAQs and completed the application form fully, you’ll have everything you need – promise!

There is plenty of support via the private Telegram group for inquiries related to the Bitcoin Pioneer community available most of the time

We all feel we’re “too late to Bitcoin” – even those of us who acquired it in 2013! Bitcoin adoption has barely started with a recent report indicating that only around 1.35m adults in the UK own it. (Numbers vary in other reports, but all agree it is low overall) That means there are still tens of millions of adults in the UK who need someone to help them get started – someone like you!

We use Telegram to stay in touch and chat although occasionally we send out a newsletter by email. The TG group is a private group and you’ll be sent your invite link once you have completed the sign up process. You can also follow Jason Deane‘s Twitter account.

Whoa there, cowboy, hold your horses! These things are very important, but there’s a time and a place. What’s most important right now is getting people started and then educated with the absolute basics to build on in the future. As you may remember from your own initial exposure to Bitcoin, there are more than enough questions to get answers to when you first get started! BPs have access to advanced materials that can be offered to new users when the time is right.

Of course you can! Simply go here, take the fun quiz and get a link to join via emial! Don’t forget to say “hi” when you’re in!

It’s simple! Just fill in the application form and then book a short meeting with the community lead, Jason Deane. It’s a simple process and everything is step-by-step, so don’t worry. Don’t forget, you can ask any questions at any time.

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