You might be wondering who exactly we are, why you might bother joining us or what “HODL” even means anyway, so here you can find all those answers .. and more! If there’s something you think should be added, let us know in the Telegram group and we’ll put it in!

If you’ve read these and you’re ready to go … take the quick multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge and join here!

There are some who say it stands for “Hold On for Dear Life” but in truth this was an expression that was created to fit the letters after the acronym was already accepted as part of the crypto and Bitcoin world lingo. The truth is far more entertaining! It was coined, entirely by accident, by a slightly drunk early Bitcoin investor who posted this thread on in 2013 and stuck ever since! This group is named in honour of that famous mistype all those years ago!

Literally anyone in the UK who has an interest in Bitcoin or just wants to find out more! If you’re an expert you might want to help people who are new and, conversely, if you’re a total beginner you’ll want to have somewhere to ask all the burning questions you’ll have when getting started. However, you’ll need to be 18 or over to enter some competitions.

Apart from having access to lots of FREE educational material and recommendations of the best books to read, podcasts to listen to and videos to watch, you’ll be able to ask whatever questions you like. From time to time you’ll get offers of early or reduced priced access to events across the UK as well as competitions to win cool stuff. Finally, you’ll also be able to find out about physical Bitcoin meet ups in your area where you can meet other like minded individuals and talk Bitcoin.

The group is owned, managed and moderated by the Bitcoin Pioneers, another community run by Jason Deane, a long time Bitcoiner who has spent the last few years helping people get started with this life changing asset. Jason is very active in the Bitcoin space and regularly appears on the speaker circuit and main stream media as an advocate of Bitcoin. You can speak to Jason directly through the group.

If you’re someone who likes to talk to people about Bitcoin, help others get started and be interested in earning Bitcoin to help us continue to build the UK community, you might want to check out becoming a Bitcoin Pioneer yourself. Read all about what it entails and how to apply here.

Once you’re in the HODLers group, you will be given instructions on how to enter the competitons. You will need to be 18 or over to do so. And here’s the really cool part – once you’re set up, you will AUTOMATICALLY entered into every single competition thereafter, without doing a thing! (as long as you remain in the group of course!)  You can check out this month’s competition here.

It just … is! The group is made up entirely by people who are interested in helping people get started and no-one charges for their time. Competitions are sometimes supported by 3rd parties who want to promote a Bitcoin related product or service.

Basically, whatever you like related to Bitcoin! Simply have a look at the free resources and then ask any question you like to start the discussion. There’s always an expert somewhere in the area you’re asking about, so whether it’s basic stuff about what Bitcoin is or something more advanced like self-custody or the Lightning network, we’ll be happy to help!

Well, if you ask a Bitcoiner, the answer will almost certainly be “yes”, but we’re not financial advisers and we don’t advocate buying anything at all until you really understand it. The best thing to do is learn first and make your own decision later on. At no time will you be pressured to buy anything and nothing in the group should ever be taken as financial advice.

Simply complete the fun 5 question multiple choice quiz and submit your email address. We’ll send you the correct answers as well as some information about each question and a link to join the Telegram group. You’ll need the Telegram app to join the group and you can chat as much – or as little – as you like! (Don’t forget to check your junk mail because sometimes the answers and your private invite link can be sent there)

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