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This (ever-growing!) page is designed to be a one-stop shop of information for anyone wanting to learn more about Bitcoin. It’s designed for complete beginners who want to get the absolute basics down first, and then progress to intermediate and even advanced.


There is little doubt that Bitcoin is here to stay and will almost certainly become a part of our day-to-day lives in the future. Although Bitcoin is still young at only 14 years old (at time of writing), its rate of adoption and development is now moving faster than the internet’s did in the 1990s and will likely have the same – or greater – level of global impact. Those who learn about it now will, of course, carry an advantage into the future.


Be warned – going down the “rabbit hole” of knowledge is addictive! Once you “see” Bitcoin, you can’t “unsee” it! Understanding the possibilities that lay ahead will give you an optimistic viewpoint on what is otherwise a bleak and uncertain economic outlook going forward.


If you’re a total beginner, grab a cup of tea and start at Step 1 below by watching the pre-recorded webinar below at your leisure.


Then, we’d strongly recommend that you register for the FREE “Question and Answer” webinar covered in Step 2. Here, you can learn some next steps, the difference between Bitcoin and other coins and, of course, actually put any questions you may still have to a human (you can even do this anonymously if you’d like!)


In the meantime, all the resources listed under Step 3 are available at all times!

You’ll find links to books, podcasts, YouTube channels and great articles to browse at your leisure, each of which has been marked with the levels of beginner, intermediate or advanced. You can bookmark this page to come back to it often.

Step 1

Start here if you're a complete beginner!

“Bitcoin Basics” by Jason Deane.

Jason has run this webinar for over 3 years and it has now been seen by thousands of people. It is regarded as one of the definitive explanations of our existing financial system, its problems, what Bitcoin is and why its fits in – all in simple, friendly terms.

Step 2 - Ask Questions!

One you’ve watched the video above, you can join a LIVE webinar to learn about the difference between Bitcoin and other coins, how to maximize (and earn) additional Bitcoin and find out about basic investment strategies. This is a much shorter webinar, around 20 minutes, with a longer AMA (Ask Me Anything) session where you can ask any question you like about the industry (or money and eocnomics in general) to the presenter! This is also provided free of charge as part of the Bitcoin Pioneers’ mission to drive Bitcoin education and adoption.

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Step 3 - Learn!

The following resources are available at all times and are updated frequently. Simply scroll through and pick the ones that appeal to you! Don’t forget, all Bitcoin Pioneers are on hand at all times to help you and you can always ask any question.

The best Bitcoin explanation on the net?

These days there is a lot of great content about Bitcoin, but this video, published in 2016, remains one of the best overall explanations of Bitcoin itself to this date. Andreas Antonopolous’ style is also very humerous and his delivery compelling. Enjoy!

Books for beginners!

These books are essential reads if you’re new to Bitcoin, want to get to grips with the problems it solves or want a “macro” perspective of how it all fits together.

Books for Intermediate Level Users

These books are great for taking your knowledge to the next level and getting a solid understanding of the context of Bitcoin, especially its potential place in the global monetary system and what we can learn from history.

Books for Advanced/Technical Users

If you’ve read the others and really want to get into the seriously heavy stuff, then these books will take you there. Expert level.

Useful Websites

Ready to take it to the next level? These sites are a great place to add to your learning.


Jason Deane

Scilling Mining


YouTube Channels

 If video is your thing, try these channels for even more information. There are many more, of course, so let us know if you’d like to see your channel listed here as well!

Bitcoin Collective



Bitcoin with Dinny

Jason Deane


People to follow on Twitter

Even as other platforms start to gain momentum, Twitter is still where it’s at for the moment in terms of keeping up to date and getting the latest news. There are hundreds of great accounts, of course, these are a tiny sample of essentials to get you started! This is updated periodically, so check back from time to time. These are in no particular order.

Seb Melrose


BP and Bitcoin Racing driver in Porsche Carrera Cup 2023

Peter McCormack


Major UK Podcaster

Teen from NYC that loves Crypto

Anchor, Coindesk


Cointelegraph, famous for travelling around the world & getting everyday people started with Bitcoin

Depository of all Bitcoin news from around the world

News reporting of all things Bitcoin

The ‘most trusted’ voice in Bitcoin

Max Keiser

major player

The original Bitcoin Maxi!

Nayib Bukele

major player

President of El Salvador and introducer of Bitcoin as the national currency

Lawrence Leopard

major player

Just…. follow!

Greg Foss

major player

How broken is the money system? This guy knows!

Michael Saylor

major player

CEO of Microstrategy and Bitocoin perma bull

Miner, author, racing driver, community lead, Bitcoin Pioneers

Bitcoin Racing

Racing Team

The UK’s first Bitcoin-only racing team with Netflix star driver Seb Melrose & 6 others – all are BPs

THE Bitcoin Mining and environmental guru to listen to

Meetups and Spending Bitcoin

Wanna meet other Bitcoiners in the UK? Want to know where to spend it? Click on these links to find out!

Bitcoiner meetups in the UK

Where to spend your Bitcoin

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