Earn Bitcoin helping others get started!

You can help others get started in Bitcoin, be entered automatically into all the monthly competitions in the HODLers group AND earn Bitcoin, paid directly to you, by becoming a Bitcoin Pioneer. As long as you’re over 18, resident in the UK and know a little about Bitcoin itself, you’re welcome to apply right here and right now!

(Update September 2023: After 3 years, we are temporarily suspending Bitcoin payments to BPs while we address the recent FCA changes concerning “financial incentives”. However, all other elements of the community remain in place and fully operational as usual. Please ignore any reference to earning Bitcoin in the following information for the time being)

Bitcoin Pioneers are the driving force behind The Bitcoin HODLers Telegram group and have been around since 2021. Perhaps you’ve bumped into us at conferences (such as Zebu Live, The Bitcoin Collective conference etc), exhibitions at EXCel House or other events such as Bitcoin Racing and The Bitcoin Adventure. To date, we have helped over 10,000 people take their first steps with Bitcoin. We have recently developed the new BitcoinHODLers group as a way to reach more people and provide more direct ongoing support.

For example, there are processes to help people get started, point them to learning resources and support newbies – just as you would have loved to have when you first discovered Bitcoin! You can use any of these tools at any time or even request new ones if you feel they would be useful when having those Bitcoin conversations with those who are curious.

Remember, while there is Bitcoin to be earned, this is not a job! There are no minimum requirements and you can do as little or as much as you like at any time. We are simply looking for Bitcoiners who are passionate about helping drive Bitcoin adoption across the UK in their spare time. If you have any sort of Bitcoin related social media, like a YouTube channel, podcast or blog, this fits very well as “next step”. You can even add your channel to our recommended learning tools!

Here’s how to apply to become a Bitcoin Pioneer and be able to help join BitcoinHODLers:

  1. Learn about how Bitcoin Pioneers and the HODLers groups work together, by visiting this pre-application FAQ page. If you’ve read it already, proceed to step two.
  2. Complete the form below with the information requested.
  3. Once submitted, you’ll be taken to confirmation page to book a quick, informal chat with the community lead, Jason Deane, at a time convenient to you and he’ll take you through getting set up … and you’re off!

Please remember that applicants must be over 18 and UK resident to apply. Let’s help drive Bitcoin adoption and education in the UK together!

About You

(We ask you to confirm email (by providing it twice) as this is important to ensure we can complete the process)
This is the name you use on Telegram. It's essential for tracking for payments,
We collect mobile numbers & but only use them if there's an initial problem with email delivery.
If you were invited to become a Bitcoin Pioneer by one of our existing members, please enter their name/ID/URL/here
(Nearest big town – please do NOT put full address)
You don't need to put your life story, just a few words about why you like Bitcoin, want to help people get started with it and anything about you think is cool that you'd like to share!

Your Options

If your application is successful, we'll get you set up with your own page so you can start inviting people to join the group. Here, you can decide what you want. It IS possible to change it later on, so don't worry, it can be updated!

Would you prefer a default or personalized page?

Once you're accepting, you have the option to create a personalised splash page like this one or a default one like this one.

We’ll be in touch to set up your personal page in due course. You will need a photo, image or logo of your choice, up to 30 words in a mini bio or personal statement and up to 3 links you’d like to add.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will set up a default page for you. Just select your option below.

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