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Welcome to the BitcoinHODLers!

I’m your guide and I’m here to help you get started in this exciting community! 

We are a passionate and independent community of Bitcoiners of all ages, walks of life and backgrounds ranging from total beginner to expert – with everything in between! We’re here to do one thing: help people like YOU learn about – and get confident with – Bitcoin! If you’re here, you’ve been invited to join.. if you want to!

You can ask any question you like, find support materials and find out where local meet ups are being held. Not only that but we’ll show you how to get started and all members are invited to enter regular competitions to win prizes, such as tickets to events, experience days or even just some Bitcoin to add to your “stash”  – and all for free!

You’ll need Telegram to join the group. To get access, all you need to do is take this simple 5 question multiple choice quiz that helps you gauge what your current Bitcoin knowledge is – if you don’t know, just make your best guess! At the end, just add your email address to get the answers, get information on where you can find out more and instructions to join the group!

Let’s go!

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